Carscope Nozzles vs Generic Nozzles

Carscope Nozzles vs Generic Nozzles

You will probably recognize the white plastic nozzle on the left as it usually comes in most aftermarket gun kits. They are mostly sold in a bag of 5 in varying spray angles. From the red 'death beam' all the way to the useless black 'soap' version.

These nozzles, while functional, don't offer much in the way of usability, they are too small, if not properly seated will fly out the end of your pressure washing gun like a bullet and will corrode over time as they are zinc plated. 

But perhaps worst of all they don't give a true spray angle! They have a very large tolerance resulting in a too narrow or a too wide spray pattern.

Check out the pictures below on the difference between the Carscope version and the generic plastic version.

They are both 40 degree!

On further analysis using the latest technology you can see the actual difference in degrees!

As you can see the Carscope far outperform the generic variants. This is due to our nozzles being laser cut rather then milled. This ensures a far more accurate and precise spray pattern.

Next we have size and fitment, picture this. Its Mid November. Its freezing. You're trying to switch from your spray nozzle to your foam cannon. You fumble with the tiny wet plastic spray nozzle, trying to remove it from the coupler. It pops off landing on the ground covered in grit...that's no fun.

Our premium nozzles are much larger allowing quick changes between wands and foam cannons!

So there you have it!

A through comparison on why our premium nozzles outperform others on the market!

Our nozzles are available in a variety of spray angles and orifice sizes.

You can either opt for a colour coded set or a black on black variants