Carscope Stainless Plugs vs Zinc

Carscope Stainless Plugs vs Zinc

What do I use a 1/4" plug for? 

You will mostly use a 1/4" stainless plug with you quick release gun and foam cannon. these provide the link between gun and cannon! 

In the image below you can see that the standard zinc plugs that come with most foam cannons, these have a tendency to corrode, leaving a rusty, crusty mess. Thankfully there's a simple fix to remedy this! One of our Stainless steel 1/4" plugs!

What's different with stainless?
So outside of the obvious visual difference what else does the stainless version offer? Well with it being a harder metal it will also last longer too, providing a more positive connection between the plug and coupler. Also it will in fact lengthen the life of the coupler too! With a rusty zinc plug it can 'gum' up the coupler of your gun creating leaks and damaging the ball bearings and O ring.

Not only that but as the threads on the zinc plug corrode you will end up with leaking and sealing issues with your foam cannon! Our stainless versions are made to tighter tolerances and will provide a hardy corrosion resistant finish for years to come!