What's The Difference? - Tyre Scrubbing Brush

What's The Difference? - Tyre Scrubbing Brush

Tyre Scrubbing Brush

What makes the Carscope Tyre Scrubbing Brush different from what's out there? 

Read on to find out! 

Our Handle has a textured grip, ideal for wet hands, as well as a thumb recess for an ergonomic feel.

Slotted finger grips and a nice thick handle makes our brush far more comfortable when compared to the standard thin, sharp handle your used to! 

Large contact patch makes for faster cleaning

High quality Nylon bristles compared to the cheap and stiff version on the left 

All the features of the Carscope brush totals up at just £2 more then the cheaper alterntive, so you have to ask yourself, is it really worth saving £2?!

Check out the new tyre brush here