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Six Bottle Wall Holder

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Why we love it

Having tried many different detailing storage products on the market i always felt they were a bit lacking.  

Normally folded steel, powder coated black they lacked the pop and build quality i was after. 

That's when i found Aviator speed shop

Specializing in high end furniture and one off creations Joe (owner of Aviator speed shop) embodies what carscope is all about, High quality handmade pieces with an eye for detail. 

Our newest collaboration being these awesome detailing storage items. 

Featuring Hand folded and riveted construction with swaged holes for strength, these aluminium holders are both robust and functional. 

Finally form meets function. 

6 Bottle Holder

Designed specially for our chemical products the 6 bottle holder mounts to any flat surface. Featuring swaged holes and hand rivetted supporting arms. 


Hole Diameter = 70mm

Length = 535mm

H = 190mm

D = 70mm

Note: These are Hand made Raw aluminium, so they may be the odd mark/scratch as its part of the style



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