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Baltic Snow Foam

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Why we love it

When it came to bringing out our snow foam I wanted something that actually cleans without hammering your protection.

This is much harder than it sounds!
As a PH neutral foam, of course, will not affect your coatings or sealant layers but will do very little in the way of cleaning. So you have to alkaline!

However you'll find with some strong pre washes that over time they cause a significant dent in your protection as they slowly eat away at your protection layers wash after wash.

Baltic works without creating this damage by using sophisticated sugar-based surfactants to eat into the dirt and not your protection - giving you a deep cleaning, residue free pre-wash leaving as the paint as clear as possible!

Works best with our Foamzooka foam cannon!

Highly concentrated and can be used up to 50:1 while still providing cleaning power. Baltic won't affect existing wax and sealant layers and is safe on all finishes.

Here how to use it

Dilute with water in the Foamzooka foam cannon.
50:1 for Maintenance cleaning.
10:1 for deep cleaning.

Foam over vehicle and allow to dwell for 5 - 10 minutes.

Blast off with your pressure washer.

Do not use in direct sun and do not allow to dry on your paint.

Tech Specs


Twist cap closure

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