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Canopy All Surface Interior Cleaner 5 Litre

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Now available in 5 litres! Dispensing tap included!

Why we love it

Canopy interior cleaner is designed to deep clean every surface of your interior! 

Safe on leather, vinyl, carpets and upholstery its a true swiss army knife of interior cleaning.

Designed with sophisticated surfactants that help break down organic and inorganic stains in carpet and a balanced PH to aid in removal of oil residue that can build up on leather. 

Here's how to use it

Carpets and upholstery

Mist onto carpets & upholstery and work in with a brush or microfibre.
Vacuum or wipe away residue
Can be used with a drill brush or wet vac for fabrics in need of a deep clean


Spray onto leather and into a detail brush
Work the product in circles to build a foamy lather
Wipe away with a microfibre

Interior plastics

Mist onto interior plastics and wipe over with a carscope multi microfibre
For dirtier plastics clean with a brush or scrub pad first before wiping over with a microfibre

Included with a foaming trigger head for use with upholstery and leather to aid in not soaking the fabric in product. 

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