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Wheel & Tyre Kit

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prESErvation,not restoration


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Why we love it 

I've assembled all our wheel products into one easy to buy kit! 

This kit will have you covered for every aspect for your wheels. 

Siege wheel & Tyre cleaner 

Deep cleaning alkaline acid free wheel cleaner, gel based to improve cling time on wheels and tyres. this product is designed to deeply clean wheels and tyres ready for tyre dressing. 

Rotor wheel shampoo 

Highly economical wheel shampoo designed for maintenance cleaning on wheels, providing more bite than a traditional shampoo and infused with corrosion inhibitors. its the perfect solution for weekly maintenance cleaning. 

Ink Tyre Dressing

A hybrid SI02 based cream tyre dressing, our ink tyre dressing will provide a deep black finish to tyres. lasting weeks, not days! works best with out tyre dressing brush and wheel and tyre towel

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