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Carscope Detailing Bucket Kit

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prESErvation,not restoration


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Why we love it

Buckets... Well, buckets are buckets - aren't they?


A properly designed and well conceived bucket is worth far more than just the weight of water that it can carry. A good bucket can make all the difference between making a wash fast, clean and efficient or just downright miserable. Handles that shear off their lugs, bucket walls that distort under the weight of water, bases that develop hairline cracks, and... Well, all you have suffered, know the rest. 

We spent a long time testing all the offerings out there until we found the superb buckets you see here. These feature gamma seal lids - genuine made in the USA versions - and are completely water tight when you need it.

Further equipment comes with the genuine grit guards- made in the USA

Capacity is 20L with fluids carried safely in the rigid HDPE mouldings - so much more impact resistant than the acrylic versions that flood the market.

The decals are 3M automotive vinyl for optimum scratch and UV resistance

And the great looking Snappy grip handles are designed for absolute comfort when transporting full buckets.

These buckets are not cheap but they will last you for years. You know the old saying - 'buy cheap and you will buy twice' Order one of our three bucket sets and you will never look back

What do i get? 


3 x Clear 20L Buckets

1 x Orange Grit Guard

1 x White Grit Guard

1 x Black Grit Guard

1 x Orange Gamma Seal Lid

1 x White Gamma Seal Lid

1 x Black Gamma Seal Lid

Wash Decal

Rinse Decal

Wheels Decal

1 x Orange Snappy grip Handle

1 x White Snappy grip Handle

1 x Black Snappy grip Handle

Note: - To ensure the decals aren't damaged during shipping application is require (Use a squeegee or a credit card wrapped in a microfibre!)

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