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CarScope Ultimate Gun & Wand Kit

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prESErvation,not restoration


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This kit has been a long time in the making!

After countless hours spent combing through tons of couplers, fittings, guns and wands we finally arrived at the Carscope ultimate kit.

You can read more of the background behind these guns on the individual listings but as an overview here's what you get in the kit.

- MTM SGS35, Easily the best aftermarket gun available in the UK.
- Carscope 500mm wand, fully stainless with integrated plugs and couplers
- Choice of 2 nozzles (40 ,25 or 15) degree nozzles, Stainless steel with rubber protectors

If you want the best of the best this is the kit you should have. No question!


MTM SGS35 - Inlet (Karcher, 3/8" plug or M22) x Outlet 1/4" Stainless steel coupler

Carscope wand Inlet 1/4" Stainless steel Plug x Outlet 1/4 Stainless coupler

Nozzles Pair -1/4" Stainless steel 25 degree & 40 degree nozzles (select nozzle size)

We assemble these outfits with the greatest of care to ensure a good fit and leak free use - however, in the unexpected circumstance where you develop a leak, all the gear can be disassembled easily and reassembled using a thread sealant. This kit is designed to last for years.

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