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Ceramic Coating Barrier Applicator V2.0 - Small

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prESErvation,not restoration


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Updated 2.0 version! 
Now a 50/50 mix of suede and microfibre, better sewing and a 70/30 blend of microfibre for increased softness with the same great barrier technology! 
These are the small versions, perfect for wheel coatings and intricate areas. 
Sold as a pack of four.
I've never liked the suede and sponge applicators you get cursed with most coatings; they are a pain in the arse to switch between and you either have to cut slits or use a credit card to tuck the towel into the applicator! Daft.

...It adds a bunch of time to your coating session and also requires you to switch out the towels constantly... Where is the sense in that?!

So I started looking for a better option. I even tried just using a microfibre applicator alone. However, due to standard microfibre blocks being a mixture of sponge and textile your expensive coating will sink without trace straight to the core of the sponge; wasting a tremendous amount of product!

...Enter our new barrier applicators!

These have a specially designed barrier layer that repels the coating - keeping the product without waste, on the surface of the applicator.

So... Not only do you save a ton of coating with our unique applicator but you also get a far more even application.

Our new applicator works far better because it is far more efficient and efficiency equals saving money... By preserving the amount of coating you use, you get more coverage. It's  a no-brainer to make the switch to our latest innovation

*Please note that these are a consumable item - just like other ceramic applicators, these are single use since the coating will dry on the surface!

Sold as a pack of four!


90mm x 50mm x 50mm

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