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Colour Coded Premium Spray Nozzle Assembly Pair

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During my testing of pressure washer guns, I really didn't like any of the standard plastic spray nozzles; they were annoying to store and also, if not fully clicked into the gun, there was the constant danger of firing the nozzle straight into your paint and possibly causing expensive damage. Additionally the nozzles tested were usually zinc plated which corrodes pretty quickly.

That's where this puppy comes in; a fully stainless steel solution with an integrated rubber nozzle.

These are a fantastic upgrade to the standard plastic nozzles you are cursed with from aftermarket guns. Our units are assembled in-house and, after extensive development, we are proud to offer these in a range of spray angles and orifice sizes.

With my Kranzle K10 I use an 04 Orifice and 40 degree & 25 Degree set up.

If you are running a smaller electrical pressure washer like a Karcher or a Nilfisk, I would recommend using an 03 orifice to increase the performance of your machine.

My personal favourites are 25 degrees for wheels, door shuts and engine bays and a 40 degree for general cleaning.
We now also offer a 15 degree for when you need high flow in one area. 

The nozzles are specially chosen because, unlike most mass produced stainless nozzles on the market with a simple and rather coarse machine finish, ours are laser cut; giving a far more accurate spray angle.

You can buy the pair (40 degree an 25) as a kit or if you prefer individually if you feel you only need one spray angle.

You save £10 if you buy them as a pair.

You can now order these colour coded!

Either Blue for 40° or Green for 25°.


Stainless steel 1/4" Plug
Stainless steel nozzles
Stainless steel nozzle holder

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