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Contact Car Shampoo

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Why we love it 

Our shampoo has been a long time coming, I've had more test samples of shampoo then I've had hot dinners at this point! My ambition has been to create a shampoo that is not only super slick and high foaming but also highly concentrated with as few additives as possible.

We now finally have it... introducing Contact car shampoo.

Whilst cleaning, Contact Car Shampoo is designed to provide as much lubrication as possible. The product features advanced surfactants which provide a crazy amount of slickness; you will find your wash mitt will simply glide over the panels. Highly recommended to be used through a snow foam lance to truly appreciate that fabulous slickness! Contact also contains no gloss enhancers, fillers, or salt - because this as pure as a shampoo can get; meaning that there is little to no residue and Contact won’t affect your sealant layers.

Contacts key benefits

High foaming formula
Incredible slickness
Highly concentrated 1800:1
Low viscosity for easy mixing
Spa scented

Here’s how to use it

Dilute Contact 10:1 in the Foamzooka Foam cannon.
Foam over vehicle from top to bottom
Pour remainder of foam mixture from your foamzooka bottle into your wash bucket and froth with a pressure washer (you may need to add a squirt or two if you don’t have much solution left).
Working panel-by-panel, wash each area, frequently rinsing out your wash media by using the two-bucket method.
Blast off the vehicle and dry using Flair quick detailer and a drying towel.
Do not use in direct sun or on a hot car and do not allow the product to dry on paint.
Can also be used in a bucket - simply squirt 15-25ml into your bucket and froth with a pressure washer.


Tech specs

PH Neutral 

Twist cap dispenser 


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