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Cyclone Spotless Wash Solution

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It's finally here! After searching far and wide for a proper high output spotless car
wash system, Carscope has at last found the perfect solution.

And now you can get this fantastic deionisation system too. Make those horrible water stains a thing of the past... Permanently!

My original system relied on a small fibreglass filter unit - which, whilst it was adequate for general low pressure use, it just couldn't keep up with a high flowing pressure washer. I then hunted high and low to see if there was anything else on the market... With no luck until the happy day when I met Lex over at Cyclone Car Care. He had run into a similar issue as me - and, like me, had given up trying to find a ready-made solution. Lex decided to take things into his own hands and developed his own unit. And now, in a unique collaboration with Cyclone Car Care that's what we at Carscope can exclusively offer you here!

Not only will you get a proper high flowing unit - you will also get a live read-out of the water hardness; which is a whole lot easier than the endless tedium of having to fill up a bucket and then placing a TDS meter in it to get a reading... Which is of course the curse of every other unit on the market.  

Additionally with this unit, the ease of changing the resins is revolutionary; rather than having to wrangle a bag of loose resin, with our set-up you simply unscrew the canister and replace the filters with pre packed units.

Let's take a closer look -

The Cyclone Spotless Wash Solution is the UKs premier professional wall mounted water deionisation system - dedicated to providing mineral-free water for improved vehicle cleaning

What exactly does it do?

The system uses a two stage ion exchange process to remove those minerals commonly found in mains supplied water that can leave harmful deposits on the surface of your vehicle. With the minerals removed, the operator can achieve a spot free wash even in direct sunlight on a hot car body panel. This is ideal for those who don’t have the luxury of a shaded wash environment - and for those who don’t have the time or inclination to dry their vehicle after a wash... Whatever your approach, this is the perfect system for those discerning users who want ensure that they are washing with the purest water with no danger of harming the surface of their vehicle

Why should I buy this system instead of a vessel?

The basic resin filled vessel is a handy tool to have; we've used them in the past but transitioning to this style of system is such a joy that we don't think anyone will turn back once they have seen the startling (and labour saving) results.

When it comes to removing minerals from water a common factor that is overlooked is the amount of resin the water must pass through before exiting the system. In layman's terms, the longer the resin bed, the better the odds of removing all of the spot-inducing minerals. The largest vessels, coming is in 25L, typically have a 33" resin bed for the water to navigate, the Cyclone Spotless Wash Solution - Advanced - has 40" of mineral trapping resin to help get you the spot free wash

How do I use it?

The system is very simple to use straight out of the box. First, find a suitable location in your garage, shed, carport or other weatherproof location to securely fasten the system to a wall (Note, the system is 30kg when loaded with water so use appropriately sized wall fixings). Next, simply connect your supply water from your garden hose to the system inlet, and use our optional jumper hose to connect to your hose nozzle or pressure washer - and you are ready to get started washing with mineral free water.

We provide standard UK Hoselock connections, identical to those found on your garden hose; at both the inlet and outlet of the system to make this process as simple as possible

How does the monitoring work?

If you need to verify the system is working as designed, turn on the TDS meter provided and view the value on the display. Note, the meter is designed to take an accurate measurement when the water is still (hose/pressure washer trigger released), if water is flowing through the system an invalid result could be published. We recommend using the system briefly to bed in the resin media before taking a reading

How long will it last?

The life span of the ion exchange media will vary from one user to the next for reasons that we go into detail on our support page. Taking UK average values for water hardness and pressure washer flow rate, we would expect to see around 75 washes before the resin will require replacing. However, please note that this is an average value based on moderately hard water and commonly available pressure washers.

If you live in a hard or very hard water area and use high capacity cleaning equipment, the number of effective washes will be reduced. You can verify the capability of your resin at any point by turning on the TDS meter to get a ppm (parts per million) reading. The ideal value is 0ppm, but as the resin ages this value will creep up, in our experience any value below 20ppm should yield a spot free wash but this will vary based on the supply water. At the Cyclone Car Care Company HQ we look to change at 10ppm to ensure no unwanted watermarks are present

Product Dimensions

H: 670mm
W: 380mm (510mm with connectors)
D: 250mm

What's in the box:

Wall mounted water deionisation system
Two pre-filled deionisation cartridges (high grade virgin MB115 resin)
Cylinder removal tool
1 meter input / output hose complete with Hoselock quick connects (option to increase length)


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