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Flair Quick Detailer 5 Litre

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Now available in 5 litres! Dispensing tap included!

Why we love it

Flair is a very special I've been testing and developing for a while, I've been after something that provides that freshly waxed feeling to a panel that I can use after every wash.  Something to add some warmth, glow or even...'Flair' to the paint. 

I wanted all of these but also have some genuine durability, great water behaviour but above all else! Ease of use. 

That's where Flair comes in...

Flair is a super-easy, slick quick detailer. Designed to provide outstanding gloss, beading and ease of use. Consisting of a special lubricating additive as well as anti-static properties to help maintain your finish between washes. Works amazingly as a drying aid on wet vehicles and is great for touch-ups to boost gloss and promote fine beading.
Flair's Key Benefits
Highly lubricant
Anti-static formula  
Great water behaviour
Incredibly slick  
Gloss boosting
Safe on all finishes, glass, plastics, and paint
Durability 5-6 weeks
Pleasant tobacco and vanilla scent
Here’s how to use it
As a Drying aid  
- Great for maintaining your protection and adding lubrication to your drying stage.  
Simply mist sparingly onto the panel and drying towel, working one panel at a time to dry off the vehicle.  
Flair evaporates off quickly to leave a streak-free shine. Slightly more may be needed on a first application.  
As a Quick Detailer
Great for fingerprints and light dust - simply mist onto the panel and buff with a soft cloth.  

Tech specs

5l bottle

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