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Kranzle K10 TS

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prESErvation,not restoration


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Kranzle is THE name in pressure washers; providing bullet-proof reliability and solid construction to literally last you decades!

At the heart of the machine is a fantastic pump design that can be completely stripped-down and rebuilt time and again making this a lifetime product and a great investment.

Compared to the competition, the key change of course is the output; flow is king for car washing and these pressure washers will produce a very impressive 7 – 10 litres a minute (depending on choice of model). This remarkable performance not only provides you with better foaming capabilities but also far better cleaning power too.

All the Kranzle machines at CarScope use the TS (total stop) system for the pump. This means that when the trigger isn’t actuated, the pump will stop; a simple and brilliant detail - you only hear the machine when you are using it..! And, crucially, this design also improves the lifespan of the seals and significantly reduces power consumption.

Now, forgive us for getting a little wild here but honest to goodness, firing this bad boy is like pulling the trigger on a .357 Magnum; so much power! If you’ve been using a smaller electric pressure washer and go to use this, you’ll feel the difference! Guaranteed.

Whilst we appreciate that the initial outlay is high, we can guarantee you that it’s one of the best purchases you can make for your detailing arsenal!

Kranzle K10 TS

The K10 is the highest flowing compact - it’s what I use for my wall mounted set up.

…Perfect for those who want the absolute best and have a mains water supply.


Handy carrying handle

Space-saving and compact design

Total stop system to relieve the high-pressure pump

Pressure regulation: Working pressure infinitely variable

Insensitive to voltage fluctuations

10m hose

Quick release m2000 gun

Quick release lance 042

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