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Kranzle Quick Release Kit

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Why we love it

We get asked a lot 'how do I convert my Kranzle hose to quick release?' This kit answers that. 

Simpler screw the male M22 X 3/8 Adaptors into the end of your hose, screw the 3/8" coupler into the the end of the adaptor. 

The M22 X 3/8" plug will screw onto the end of the machine. 

You will need to choose either an additional M22 X 3/8" plug for the gun inlet if you are using the standard gun, or if you are using an aftermarket gun with a 3/8" female inlet choose the 3/8" plug. 

What do you get?

1X M22 X 3/8" Plug

2x M22 X 3/8" Adaptor

2x 3/8" Coupler

1x M22 X 3/8" or 3/8" Plug Male

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