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MTM SGS35 (Backorder)

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prESErvation,not restoration


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I have tried A LOT of pressure washer guns and finally settled on using this gun, here's why:

- Fully stainless steel integrated swivel.
- Higher flow capacity than most guns on the market
- Industrial grade internals

This gun differs slightly from the US offering of the SGS28 - which is more consumer based with a lower pressure rating and slightly different internals.



Stainless steel and nickel-plated
Inlet: G 3/8 F
Outlet: G 1/4 F

We assemble the couplings in-house and differ from the approach of most suppliers by using as few adaptors as possible. You will see this gun usually with a strange male to male adaptor for the outlet; we use a much shorter connector for a cleaner uncluttered look and fewer failure points.

My recommendation would be to upgrade your hose to a 3/8" coupler and plug; however if you want to use your current hose (for Karcher/Nilfisk) there are adaptors available, please use the drop down to choose.

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