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Paint Clay Decontamination Sponge

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Why we love it

Designed to remove impurities from paint prior to polishing (think tar, tree sap, fallout and contamination) this little sponge is much faster and more convenient compared to traditional clay bar. Also can be reused many times over! 

Use with Contact car shampoo for a super slippery combo! 

- Suitable for paint, glass and wheels! 

- Thick sponge to soak up shampoo

- Reusable

Tech Specs

- 12 x 7cm

- Sold individually in branded packaging 

- Mild clay polymer

How do I use it?

Care & Considerations

Always use with lubrication, not just water.

Always bed the clay in on the glass first.

Ensure to 'bed in' on glass first before use on paint

Do not expose to strong cleaners or high heat

Always test in an inconspicuous place

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