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Interior Scrubber 2 Pack

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

How do I use it?

What do I use it with?

Care & Considerations

Why we love it 

Designed for cleaning every surface of your interior, leather, plastic vinyl. Utilizing gentle nylon fibres and a comfortable wedge handle these little scrubbers are perfect for reaching into tight spaces. 

- Wedge shaped handle for comfortable long term usage

- Tough but gentle nylon scrubbing face 

Key Info

- Sold as a pack of two 

- 100% Nylon Brush Fabric

- 80/20 Microfiber Mesh Fabric

- 12x6.5x9cm

How do I use it?

1. Apply a small amount of interior cleaner directly on to the pads cleaning face.

2. Working in circular motions gently scrub.

3. Wipe away cleaner and marvel at the results! 

Care & Feeding

- Rinse with cold water and air dry

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