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Ricochet Gloss Locker Paint Sealant

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Ricochet – gloss locker
Ricochet is a resin enhanced sealant that provides a durable, slick coating to any painted surface. Designed to ‘lock in’ gloss and enhance pop metallic paints and depth in solid colours. Formulated to be as easy to use as a water based sealant with the protection characteristics of a stronger resin based ceramic.
Key advantages
- Can last up to 12 months on prepped paint work.
- Safe on matte & satin finishes
- Super slick with self-cleaning properties
- High contact angle producing insane beading!
- Easy to use & fast to apply.

Here’s how to use it
- Ensure vehicle is clean, decontaminated and if necessary, paint has been polished.
- Apply one panel at a time, spraying into a Multi microfibre and working into the paint, the chemical will naturally gas off the panel.
- Work your way around the vehicle, changing microfibre cloths regularly.
- Ricochet’s slickness will continue to build after initial application.
- Ricochet is safe to us on wheels too! Apply to wheel faces and barrels.
- Wash vehicle regularly using PH neutral chemicals like Baltic snow foam & Contact car shampoo.
- Can be topped with Flair quick detailer to maintain hydrophobics and boost gloss.

Tips & Tricks
- Ricochet is ideally applied in temperatures above 4°C
- Ricochet can get wet immediately, but for maximum performance try to keep the vehicle dry for 5-6 hours after application
- Only apply out of direct sunlight and ensure panels are cool.
- In a pinch Ricochet can be applied to unprepped paint, durability wont be quite as long but the fundamental characterises will still be evident
- Ricochet can be layered, but isn’t necessary
- Can also be used on top of ceramic coatings to boost durability (always test in an inconspicuous area)

What do i get?
- 300ml Ricochet Gloss Locker
- Spray head
- Custom tube storage


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