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Siege Wheel & Tyre Cleaner 5 Litre

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Now available in 5 litres! Dispensing tap included!

Why we love it

Siege is a dilutable Alkaline wheel cleaner, high foaming and gel based to improve cling time on wheels & tyres.

Designed for filthy wheels in need of a deep clean, Siege will have no trouble in ripping through brake dust and removing browning from tyres.

Pear scented and bright blue this cleaner is a joy to use; who said wheel cleaning has to be a chore?

Here's how to use it:

Dilute Siege up to 15:1 
Pre-rinse wheel with a pressure washer.

Liberally spray directly into wheel barrel, face and tyre.

Leave to soak in for a couple of minutes to allow time for the product to eat into the dirt.

Work the product over the surface of the wheel, agitating with wheel mitts and brushes.

You will notice that the product will begin to turn brown on your tyres; this is siege pulling out the dirt from the rubber.

Scrub the tyres clean with a stiff bristled brush.

Finish with a thorough rinse of the wheel and tyre. Works best in conjunction with Rotor wheel shampoo.

In cases where you have severe iron deposits you can use Siege with a fallout remover.

To complete the look finish with ink tyre dressing.

Do not use on chrome wheels, enamel finishes or paint without clear-coat applied. 

Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. 

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