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Stainless Steel Turbo Nozzle

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What is a turbo nozzle?

All detailers will tell you the most annoying part to clean on any modern car is carpeted wheel arch liners! 

Dirt sticks to them like sh*t to a blanket!

That's where you need a turbo nozzle! 

Thanks to its spinning conical jet it works by spinning the dirt off the surface, similar to a how a tornado picks up cars, houses and even cows! 

It practically cuts the time wheel arch cleaning in half thanks to its ceramic ball technology! 

Most on the market are big and bulky, not ours!

Made from 304 stainless steel and narrow enough to fit between the arch and tyre even on lowered vehicles! 

Its powerful so only ever use it on wheel arches and not the paint! 

Also pro tip! These turbo nozzles are awesome for cleaning tile, concrete and other hard surfaces! 

Key Info

  • 304 stainless steel
  • Small form factor
  • 1/4" plug
  • Ceramic ball technology

How do I use a turbo nozzle?

Designed to work with any 1/4" Quick release simply attached the end of the wand or gun. 

Ensuring to stay well clear of the paint working from the top of the arch begin spraying the turbo nozzle and watch the dirt fly off! 

Another neat feature of the nozzle is the ability to clean concrete and hard surfaces, simply spray directly on the ground and watch ingrained dirt fly off the surface! 

What do I use a turbo nozzle with?

Suitable to use with our entire range of pressure washer guns and wands. 

How do I clean a turbo nozzle?

Our nozzles are extremely robust thanks to the stainless steel structure, but you an extend the life by not spraying the nozzle too close to the ground. 

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