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Total Wheel & Tyre Kit

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prESErvation,not restoration


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Why we love it

Everything you need to deep clean, maintain and dress you wheels & tyres!

Featuring one of every wheel cleaning accessory we offer, the total wheel and tyre kit is comprised of; 

Siege Wheel & Tyre cleaner - A true clean slate product, designed to remove heavy browning from tyres in preparation dressing and deep clean wheels. Dilatable up to 15:1!

Rotor Wheel Shampoo - Highly concentrated wheel shampoo for maintenance cleaning of wheels and tyres. high foaming and infused with corrosion inhibitors.

Ink Tyre Dressing - Si02 infused cream tyre and rubber dressing, long lasting deep black finish and super easy to apply!

Wheel Barrel Brush - Extra long wheel brush with a unique woven microfibre, perfect for delicate wheel finished and big brakes! 

Tyre Dressing Brush - Our best selling product ever! Unique soft brush hairs ensure an even and direct application of ink tyre dressing. 

Wheel & Tyre Towel - Dedicated wheel and tyre towel make's drying off wheel a breeze after the wash, ensuring a clean dry tyre for tyre dressing application! Can also be used to buff back the finish of the dressing. 

 What do I get? 

1x 500ml Siege Wheel & Tyre Cleaner

1x 500ml Rotor Wheel Shampoo

1x 500ml Ink Tyre Dressing

1x Wheel Barrel Brush

1 x Tyre Dressing Brush

1 x Wheel & Tyre Towel 

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