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Wheel & Tyre deep clean kit

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prESErvation,not restoration


product description

Why we love it?

Whether it's a spring refresh or an initial deep clean out wheel & tyre deep clean kit gives you the tools to get where normal maintenance cleaners just cant! 

Comprised of our dilutable siege wheel and tyre cleaner designed to rip through brake dust and tyre browning followed with our patented wheel weasel and tyre scrubber you'll have sparkling wheels in no time! 

Key Info

1 x 500ml Siege wheel & Tyre Cleaner

1 x wheel weasel

1 x Tyre Scrubber

1 x IK Sprayer 360

How do I use it?

1. Dilute Siege accordingly to the contamination present on the wheel ( up to 15:1) in the IK Sprayer

2. Spray liberally onto tyre and wheel surface

3. Leave the cleaner to dwell for a few moment then feed the wheel weasel behind each spoke, using the handles work the weasel back and forth, move onto the next spoke

4. using the tyre scrubber work side to side to remove tyre browning, you will see a bunch of brownish gunk come off the tyre! Repeat if necessary and you can apply Siege directly to the brush head for super charged cleaning!

5. Spray off the wheel with a pressure washer! 

What do I use it with?

This kit is best designed as a reset for tyre dressings and deep cleaning the wheel. use out wheel maintenance kit for weekly washes! 

Care & Considerations

Always use in an inconspicuous area

Test fastness and never use siege undiluted

Not safe for unclear coated or chrome wheels 

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