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Paint Wash Kit

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prESErvation,not restoration


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Why we love it

We all know the exterior is the largest organ on a car...

And we have to take care of it! 

These three products are designed to do exactly that. 

Starting with Baltic, our snow foam, designed to deeply clean paint in preparation for contact washing. Baltic snow foam is the perfect pre-wash for those who want to be tough on dirt but gentle on protection. 

Contact car shampoo is formulated to be as slick as possible minimizing marring to the paint. Works best in conjunction through of Foamzooka snow foam cannon! 

Flair is a drying aid designed to top up gloss, hydrophobics and slickness in-between washes. durable for up to 4 weeks!

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What do I get? 

1x 500ml Bottle of Flair quick detailer

1x 500ml bottle of Contact car shampoo

1x 500ml bottle of Baltic snow foam 

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