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Total Wash Kit

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prESErvation,not restoration


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Why we love it

Wash Kit for Car

The full Monty! 

Everything you need you to clean bumper to bumper in one kit. A Total Wash Kit for Car. See the ingredients of the kit below...

Siege Wheel & Tyre cleaner

A deep cleansing wheel and tyre cleaner formulated to remove browning from tyre and deep clean embedded brake dust. 

Rotor wheel shampoo

Designed for routine cleaning on wheel and tyres, also contains corrosion inhibitors to fight back brake disc rust. 

Ink Tyre Dressing

Si02 Based tyre dressing for a long lasting, satin finish. 

Baltic Snow Foam

Highly concentrated and can be used up to 50:1 while still providing cleaning power. Baltic won't affect existing wax and sealant layers and is safe on all finishes.

Contact Car shampoo

Contact Car Shampoo is designed to provide as much lubrication as possible. The product features advanced surfactants which provide a crazy amount of slickness. 

Flair quick detailer

Flair is a super-easy, slick quick detailer. Designed to provide outstanding gloss, beading and ease of use.

What do I get? 

1x 500ml Siege wheel & tyre cleaner

1x 500ml Rotor wheel shampoo

1x 500ml Ink tyre dressing

1x 500ml Baltic snow foam

1x 500ml Contact car shampoo

1x 500ml Flair quick detailer

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